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Online courses to teach and engage your students

Create fully online, live classroom sessions that remote students can attend from anywhere in the world. Plan multiple class sessions, invite teaching assistants or co-presenters, engage with your students live during the online class, and share your most useful material at the end, such as the video replay. NuClass India’s automated communication features will help your participation rate too.

Your cloud-based school management software

NuClass is designed for hassle-free administration and team collaboration. 

Manage Grades

Define learning pathways, classes and schedules for students of all grades.

Manage Subjects

Add subjects and assign them to teachers to build class schedules. 

Manage Students and Classes

Manage multiple classes. Easy scheduling and tracking. 

Manage Teachers

Manage teacher profiles, assign classes, offer online classes or one-on-one tutoring sessions.

Manage Assignments

Build and share digital learning resources with students to assess their learning for each module.

Generate Invoices and Collect Fees

Simple and secure control of your financial transactions. All records are successfully backed up on the cloud.

Knowledge Assessment

Create simple tests or quizzes quickly, set scoring rules to test new skills learnt with our easy-to-use tool and share online

Report Card

Precisely assess knowledge and identify areas of improvement for every student. Generate an insightful report card that can be shared with parents

School Bulletin Board to Broadcast Information

Update about upcoming tests, activities and school events. Add them to class schedule.

Bulk Email and Text Messaging for notifications (Upcoming )

Instantly message teachers, parents or students in your school as individuals or groups.

All-in-one virtual classroom

We have the easiest online classroom software to transfer your teaching content and tests to your students. Institutions looking for a school management system that has all the tools necessary for easy course management along with teachers and students can use the NuClass as a teaching platform.Using our platform for learning completion will give you the means to monitor the performance of your students and teachers.



Live Stream

Record your meetings

Multi-Channel Broadcasting

Share YouTube Videos​

Chat Integration​

Video Conferencing Solution

Multi-device compatibility

School management capabilities

Share assignments

Host lessons, parent conferences

Stream and watch NuClass on mobile

Pricing Plan



2 teacher accounts

50 student accounts

100 hours of stream time

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INR 5000/month

10 teacher accounts

250 student accounts

800 hours of stream time

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INR 8000/month

20 teacher accounts

1000 student accounts

1600 hours of stream time

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INR 25000/month

50 teacher accounts

5000 student accounts

4000 hours of stream time

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INR 5000/month

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50 student accounts

100 hours of stream time

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Set up NuClass in no time.

  • You’ll only need a few minutes to set up and get started
  • Integrate with your all your tools and devices
  • Custom development available
  • Ready to receive payments through secure gateways

For Educators

  • Intuitive teaching
  • Easy to share assignments
  • Easy to communicate with all students during the virtual class
  • Easy to see participant interaction and track progress

For Educational Institutes

  • Inbuilt school management system
  • Create and run courses
  • Push notifications
  • Follow your students and teachers
  • Affordable solution

For Students and Parents

  • Separate logins to monitor day plan, progress
  • Participate in classes remotely
  • Share assignments
  • Secure fee payment gateway

With our online streaming tool, you can develop your timetable, assignments and courses in just a few minutes.
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