Nuclay Live is a secure live streaming video platform and hosting service that works well for any organization. Learn how some of them are implementing Nuclay Live to deliver unforgettable virtual events, conferences and classroom experience.

NuClass for Schools

Learn and grow, live.  Whether you are a teacher, instructor or a learning and development administrator, NuClass was built to digitize your classroom hassle-free.

Key features:

  • Compatible with any device
  • School management software along with virtual classrooms
  • Live stream lessons and record sessions
  • Live chat with students, share assignments
  • Small group collaboration to teacher-parent conferences
  • Announcements, tests and report tracking

NuMeet for Nonprofits.

Spread the word. With the power of video, your reach is unlimited! NuMeet has been in use successfully with faith-based nonprofits to enhance their communication and fundraising, remotely.

Key features:

  • Sync livestream with any fundraising event
  • Prominent donate button, webpage links 
  • Text-giving embedded 
  • Syncs with your donor management system which enables one-click targeting and communication
  • Segment donors based on their past engagement 
  • Record and share livestream to target donors
  • Email reminders and push notifications leading up to your livestream

A connected organization is a successful one.

See how NuMeet was successfully implemented with GiveCentral’s fundraising tools for nonprofits.

Why Nuclay Live

  • End-to-end streaming and engagement service that are reliable
  • Centralized data management and better targeting with member management capabilities inbuilt with the system
  • Global reach. Scale your livestream to audiences of any size
  • Easy to get started- all you need is the internet and a device with a camera
  • Incredible insights and user behavior tracking
  • Comes with add-on features for social sharing and broadcasting, advanced integrations and custom feature development
  • Dedicated support
  • Secure & seamless video delivery